From God to You – A Children’s Book

From_God_to_You.coverWEB__87954.1404854285.1280.1280My very dear friend John Skinas has just released his book “From God to You – The Icon’s Journey to Your Heart.”

This is the follow up to his first volume Pictures of God. It is a children’s book, beautifully done, with 12 sections of 12 icons.

They are placed after the introduction which contains a picture of the extraordinarily beautiful iconostasis of the Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco, where St. John Maximovitch’s incorrupt relics lay.



photo (17)

For each icon, John includes two sections – one, a description of the substance and significance of what is depicted on the icon; next to it, a “Notice This” explanation of the particular features of the icon shown.


The 12 icons are: photo (20)

  • The “Icon Not Made By Hands”
  • The “Virgin of the Sign”
  • “Saint Luke Painting the First Icon”
  • “Flight into Egypt”
  • Royal Gates in the Form of Peacocks” (a description of the gorgeous Gates at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in San Francisco)
  • The “Christ Pantokrator” of Sinai
  • The “Angel with the Golden Hair”
  • The “Original Iveron Icon of the Theotokos”
  • “Saint Theodora”
  • The Transfiguration”
  • “The Resurrection”
  • “The Good Shepherd”

The book closes with a brief description of 3 “Defenders of Icons” – St. Kassiani, St. Stephen the New and St John of Damascus – and of the five major colors used in the icons with their respective symbolic meanings.


photo-(21)This is all done in a delightful arrangement that is both theologically sound and yet very intelligible to children. It is a wonderful tool to help them begin to discover and understand the beauty of God through the iconic windows of heaven.

As John says, “Burned, smashed, and buried, icons have endured a great deal as they’ve made their way from God to you. They’ve reached you because He wants them in your church, in your home, and in your hands. But most of all, God wants you to keep His image in your heart, where, if you listen closely, you can hear his message with every beat…”

John and his wife Suzanne are the parents of 5 children, and I am privileged to witness firsthand how their Orthodox faith permeates their entire family.

The book is printed by Ancient Faith Publishing and you can find it here:



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