*More* Genevan Exodus

Jason Stellman, a classmate from our Westminster Seminary years, and a minister in the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) has resigned his position as pastor and is leaving Protestantism.

Many comments on his combox are of the “sorry you became an apostate and is headed for hell” sort. I chimed in to congratulate him, and got some of that as well.

But I thought his post was well articulated.



2 comments on “*More* Genevan Exodus

  1. Brian in Baltimore says:

    Just stumbled across your blog. It’s interesting how many folks in Reformed churches are being received into the Orthodox Church or the Roman Catholic Church. I myself was a member of the PCA before being received into the Orthodox Church.

    And your right, some of the comments on the site you linked to are vicious.

    • Hi Brian! Thanks for your comment, and it’s always a joy to find fellow Orthodox believers.

      Yes, people are angry over there. Unfortunately, I can somewhat relate. I was a Reformed pastor. Being jerks is often in our DNA.

      As one friend described the interactions there, “Heads exploding! And from those heads busted open, snakes coming out like Medusa’s hair, spewing venom everywhere!”

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